The club was started in 1991 by Danny Curtin with two members.
By 1992 the Membership was up to ten.
The Under-Age All- Ireland Championships 1993 were organised by the club for the first time and it won 12 medals. First trip abroad- to Wales.
The club hosted the Under-Age Championships in 1994 for the second year. Thirty seater bus purchased. Visit Wales again.
The Club makes a more adventurous two week trip to France in 1995 where we raced, toured, trained with local clubs and won five races! A stage end of the Junior Tour was hosted in Kanturk.
In 1996 a second trip to Brittany.

Willie Curtin in 1997 captained the Irish Cycling Team at the Youth Olympics and his sister, Helen, represented Ireland at the English Schools Championships. A larger 35 – seater bus is purchased. The club hosts the All-Ireland Under-Age, Veterans and Ladies Championships. It won 19 All-Ireland Under-Age Medals and the Veteran’s team prize. The club fund-raising Lottery begins.

Juniors compete in Junior Tour 1998 for the first time. Dennis Lynch wins the First Year Junior Category. The club visits Manchester Velodrome for the first time and there is big success in the All-Irelands.
One of the most exciting years for the club was 1999. Two mini-busses are acquired and a Spring League is started. There is a second trip to Manchester Velodrome.
The first group of cyclist to join the club have now reached second-year Junior ranks and Michael Dennehy wins the Junior National Championships. Along with team-mates Willie Curtin and Dennis Lynch, they win the team prize. Kanturk riders dominated the Junior Tour of Ireland. Later in the season, Daniel Lynch recovers form injury and all are picked for the Irish team for the World Championships in Verona, Italy.
There is a big influx on young riders into the club and the U-11 teams come first and second in the All-Ireland Championships. Danny O’Connor, Paudi O’Brien and Barry Meade win outright at U-13, 15 and 16 level.
Barry Meade represents Ireland in the Youth Olympics.

The most pleasing part of 2000 was the continuing strength of the Under-Age activities and the number and quality of riders in the lower age groups.The club again dominated the All-Ireland Under-Age Cycling Championships which were held in Charleville and took sixteen All-Ireland medals in the event which spanned three stages over two days.
In the U-11 category, the club took gold, silver and bronze, as well as the team prize. Kanturk also won the U-12 team category, along with individual silver and bronze.
Kanturk was second in the U-14 individual category, won the U-15 team prize and the U-16 gold medal.
Two under-age riders won places on Irish teams and another on a Munster team. There were numerous individual wins during the year.
In the Junior ranks, Kanturk Credit Union Cycling Club had the largest number of riders in the Junior Tour of Ireland. One of the Club’s riders won the “King of the Hills” category in the Tour and will represent Ireland in the World Junior Cycling Championships in October.
The Club is now beginning to achieve success in the Senior ranks as some of the riders are coming through. The Club won the All-Ireland U-23 Team Championships.